Access Policy

Access Policy.

The Withernsea Lighthouse Trust has a policy of enabling all visitors to the museum to get the maximum benefit from their visit regardless of any possible access difficulties they may have i.e. :-


We will maintain the building in a manner that will allow access to all exhibits. We do realise, however, that access to the lamp room at the top of the lighthouse may be impracticable to some of our disabled visitors.

The museum will continue to commission an annual inspection by the Withernsea Disability Action Group.


The Withernsea Lighthouse Trust will undertake to keep admission fees as low as possible, and to offer family and group discounts.



We aim to provide all visitors with the opportunity to have access to all information that will help them achieve maximum benefit from their visit. Staff and volunteers will react on a one to one basis when necessary.


The staff and volunteers will always react in a friendly and helpful manner to all visitors.


This policy will be reviewed annually with the forward plan.

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